ETG Drug Test Kit

10 Pack - Instant Urine ETG Drug Test Kit - Test For Alcohol

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Instant Urine ETG 300 Drug Test Kit - Test For ALC

Product Description:

  • 1-Panel Instant Urine Dip Drug Test detects ETG - Ethyl Glucuronide
  • Up to 99% accurate test, read result in 5 minutes
  • Easy, one-step procedure, no additional devices or instruments
  • EXP Date: 11-2021


  1. Open the sealed test pouch just prior to starting the test
  2. Collect a fresh urine sample in a clean sterile container
  3. Remove the test cap exposing the absorbent wicks. Do not touch the wicks, as doing so, will contaminate them
  4. Dip the wicks into the urine sample for approximately 30 seconds or until visible sample migration up the wicks and across the tests panels is observed
  5. Do not allow the sample to come in contact with any other part of the test device or its plastic housing
  6. Results are ready within 5 minutes

The list of drugs detectable with this test are as follows:

  1. ETG - Ethyl Glucuronide - 300 ng/mL


Positive: Colored lines appear in the control regions (C) but do not develop in the test region. The absence of any line in any target drug test region indicates a positive result for that drug or drug metabolite.

Negative: Colored lines adjacent to each target drug name and in the control (C) regions will appear. The color intensity of the line for the target drug may be weaker or stronger than that of the control line however any line, no matter how faint should be interpreted as a negative result.

Invalid: No line appears in the control region. If the control line (C) does not form, the test result is inconclusive and the test should be repeated with a new device.