Spenco Ironman Train Rigid Arch Support Designed for Demanding Training Insoles


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Catalog No.: 39-721
Rigid Arch Support Designed for Demanding Training
Incorporates Spenco® TOTAL SUPPORT® Technology and the patent-pending 3-PODModulation System. This unique combination of cushioning and stability is ideally suited to the demands of training. Unlike the disposable sock liners that come with your shoes, IRONMAN® TRAIN Replacement Insoles use better materials and technologies that cushion, stabilize and support right out of the box. The also promote a more efficient, healthier stride.
For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.




• 3-POD Modulation System: Multi-density pods piston through the flexible cradle to modulate ground forces. Stiffer red pod counters overpronation, softer blue pods guide the stride
• TOTAL SUPPORT® Footbed is the optimum interface between your foot and the ground The Shape That Feels Great
• FACET Cradle and Orthotic Arch Support is rigid but lightweight
• Deep Heel Cup offers greater stability for overpronators 
• First Ray Drop Zone for more efficient toe-off and a healthy stride
• Metatarsal Dome relieves pressure on forefoot
• Technical Low-friction Topcloth with foot-cooling technology. Reduces friction that can cause blisters
• Segmented Forefoot Crash Pad absorbs impact
• Silpure Antimicrobial helps reduce odor
• One-year unconditional guarantee 

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