10 Panel Instant Urine Drug Test Kit - HDOA-1105C

10 Panel Instant Urine Drug Test Kit - HDOA-1105C

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10-Panel Urine Dip Drug Test -CLIA Waived

Product Description:

  • This 10 panel drug test is an all-inclusive, point of use screening test, that quickly & accurately detects the presence of the (ten) most common drugs of abuse
  • Because of its low cost and accuracy, this test is ideal for testing family members, employees, and school students.
  • FDA Cleared (certifies the drug testing device passes FDA standards)
  • CLIA Waived (certifies the test is simple and has a low risk of obtaining incorrect results)
  • Easy to read and understand results, with 99% accuracy


  • Bring the pouch to room temperature prior to opening.
  • Remove the test card from the sealed pouch and remove the cap.
  • Dip the strip(s), of the test card, vertically into the urine specimen for at least 10-15 seconds until visible sample migration up the strips and across the test panels is observed. 
  • Read results in 5 minutes. After more than 10 minutes results may not be valid.

HDOA-1105C 10 Panel Dip:

AMP1000, BAR300, BUP10, BZO300, COC300, MET1000, MOP300, MTD300, OXY100, THC50


Positive: One colored line appears in the control (C) region and NO color band appears in the (T) test region. A positive result indicates that the drug concentration exceeds the cut-off level.
Negative: One line appears in the control (C) region, and another line appears in the test region (T).  The color intensity of the test line may be weaker or stronger than that of the control line, but regardless of the intensity, the result is negative 
Invalid: No line appears in the control region (C). The test is invalid even if there is a band in the test region (T). If the test device does not produce a band in the control region, check the testing procedures, samples, and/or control materials and repeat the test using a new device.